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A SET OF OVERFLOWING NATURE Agua Fresca set with 2 pieces, is a batch belonging to the fragrance of Adolfo Dominguez. Inside, we can find the “Eau de Toilette“ vaporizer 120 ml and a “Eau de Toilette“ vaporizer 30 ml.EAU DE TOILETTE 120 ML. This fragrance belongs to the family: fougère smell for men. Its smell is made up of green and aquatic smell, which plunge us into a world where nature reigns, more especially in the lush forests of Galicia, birthplace of its designer and source of inspiration. It is recommended for every day, especially in spring and summer.EAU DE TOILETTE 30 ML. This small vaporizer includes the same fragrance. For its small size it is perfect to accompany us during trips or during the day, to retouch and maintain the living essence for longer hours.GIFT IDEA. Thanks to its fresh and pleasant notes is a perfect gift idea. With it, we will have guaranteed success.