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Ma Vie by Hugo Boss is an “Eau de Parfum” for women, with floral notes. It is a perfume that invites us to take care and pamper ourselves. It encourages us to be a little more selfish and find a daily moment for our own enjoyment, to help us to escape and to know better inside and out. This fragrance was created in 2014 and is dedicated to modern women and contemporary with a very romantic air, which likes to pamper and be pampered. At the same time, it invites us to live our own lives pleasurably, and provides us an unconditional brightness. Unhurried live in the moment and enjoy the little details is the message you want to convey and thus learn to better enjoy a sunset or a meteor shower. Its delicate trace begins with a single note: cactus flower, a modern scent full of freshness, which opens the door to a totally floral heart notes, created by a bouquet of pink freesia, jasmine and rosebuds, which provide romance and femininity. Finally, wood notes and cedar are responsible for closing its smell, creating a subtle tone of mystery to the end. APPRECIATING LIFE. That's the message Ma Vie sends us. Learn to savor pleasantly all the moments that life offers us, either in the company of others or in individual enjoyment.ROMANTIC GIFT. Its delicate smell, full of love and feeling is a perfect gift idea to seduce and conquer.PINK. It is the predominant colour. Packaging and box are dyed this colour. A pastel pink tone that invades us and provides us tenderness.