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ZEN FOR MEN, A WORLD OF CALM AND WELL-BEINGZen for Men by Shiseido is an “Eau de Toilette“ for men belonging to the Aromatic Woody family. It is a perfume that aims to introduce us to the world of peace and relaxation created by Shiseido. A pure place where it is possible to escape from the hustle and bustle, tension and stress is a matter of seconds, and enter the much desired'zen' state.This fragrance was created in 2009. With her, Shiseido wants to unite the Japanese tradition that characterizes her signature, with the current modernity, and thus be able to experience moments of total freedom, inner strength and recharge the energy. It describes a sophisticated and discreet man, totally passionate and driven by the dictates of his heart.Shiseido, has decided to incorporate in this perfume aromacological ingredients, components that transmit relaxation, calm and balance, and invite us to enter a complete state of well-being. Its beginning surprises us with a burst of oriental freshness, coming from the typical fruit aromas of the country, such as nashi and kumquat, which take us to a heart spiced with nutmeg, with violet and rhododendron reflections, to finally present us with a solid, highly manly background, thanks to the presence of leather in combination with patchouli and musk.INTERNAL PASSION. Zen invites us to get to know our inner self better, and to create a perfect balance between it and the outer world. Through this sensory experience, we will be able to discover passionate feelings, charged with energy and without limits.AROMACHOLOGY. It is about the psychology of scents, a science that studies the social impact that scents create in a person, how they affect their mind and feelings, examining what emotions they create on each individual. Well, Shiseido has incorporated this psychology into Zen, thus creating a fragrance that will transmit comfort and peace.TRADITION AND MODERNITY. The bottle of this fragrance perfectly represents these two characteristics. Its straight lines, pure and classic, are perfectly balanced with its imposing metallic cap, creating a visually perfect contrast.